Hourly Lessons

Regular lessons to get you to test standard quickly. Charged at £30 per hour

Intensive Courses

If you want to pass your test in the shortest possible time, then this is the course for you. This course can potentially get you your licence within weeks(subject to test with DVSA).

Motorway Lesson

For those who have passed their test, but lack confidence to drive on motorways. This course will help get rid of the nerves, and teach best practise for motorway driving.

Refresher Lessons

If you have not been behind the wheel for a while, then this course is for you. Suitable for those who need to recap on their driving skills to get back on road safely.

Defensive Driving

This course is suitable for those who have passed their test, but would like to learn extra skills to stay safe on UK roads.The course teaches best driving practise and techniques, as well as anticipation and awareness sessions.

Pass Plus Course

This course is for those who have passed their test recently, and would like to cover extra topics. Amongst others, this course includes night driving, motorway sessions, and adverse weather(if possible). A certificate is issued on completion of the course, and this can sometimes help in lowering insurance premiums.

Emergency Tests

For those unfortunate enough to have been let down by their instructor, we can take you to your test at short notice. We will need to book an Assessment session prior to the test, to evaluate driving ability before the test.

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